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Chin Correction

Chin Correction in Mumbai

Chin correction is a cosmetic procedure done to add shape and fullness to a chin, it also alters the overall shape of the face. Chin correction surgery can be combined with a different facial cosmetic surgery like face lift, nose reshaping etc. in order to achieve a better facial balance and look beautiful. Having chin correction increases self confidence and self-esteem, it enhances the overall appearance and help correcting irregularities, it also improves neck line.
Chin correction is a very simple procedure; it normally takes around 1 hour for the surgery. The surgery involves making incisions within the mouth, or underneath the chin, through which the implant is inserted to achieve the desired results. Dressing is done to support the implant and helps to heal. There will be swelling after the surgery which will subside within few weeks. Patient must take off from work for a week or two to recover completely. Chin surgery is completely safe with minimum risks involved like infection, bleeding, allergy, mild pain etc.

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