Breast Reshaping

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Breast Reshaping

Breasts are integral part of Feminine beauty. A woman’s appearance is enhanced by well-shaped breasts which are also proportionate with the rest of the body. Pregnancy and lactation often changes the shape of the breasts making it loose or saggy. Women can only have their breasts corrected if they no longer develop spontaneously. As from 18 years onwards breast surgery can be carried out. Unfortunately, no amount of exercise, hormonal treatment or creams can have any noticeable effect on breasts either to uplift or increase its size.

Most women have a breast surgery done once they’ve had children, and this between 25 and 40 years. If you change your mind later, you will have to undergo a new operation.

Whether you’re looking to augment, lift or reduce your breasts, you’ll find that the advice of a skilled and caring surgeon makes all the difference. Many variables such as incision type, procedural approach, implant location, implant type, tissue characteristics and patient requests must all be considered in order obtain natural, beautiful results that are tailored to each individual patient.

There are different types of breast surgeries available today to cater to different needs of a women.

Enlarge Your Breast

Breast Augmentation (enlargement) is the most commonly performed surgical cosmetic procedure among patients to enlarge the breasts or increase the volume of breasts.

It helps in enhancing the size of breasts. Inadequate breast volume may lead to negative body image and low self-esteem. This effects the quality of life of person. This procedure is also done to restore contour when breast has been removed for cancer treatment surgically. The procedure is quick, safe and effective.


Reduce Your Breast

Breast reduction is also known as reduction Mammoplasty. Large breasts not only make a woman feel embarrassed but also cause physical problems like neck and back pain, recurrent headaches, difficulty in finding well fitted clothes and limited ability to exercise.

The goal of breast reduction surgery is to reduce the size of your breasts and reshape them so that they are proportionate to the rest of your body and are no longer a source of physical discomfort. This commonly requested, predictable procedure has the dual benefits of improving your appearance while relieving the physical and emotional burden of overly large breasts.


Uplift Your Breast

A breast lift, also known as Mastopexy, raises the breasts by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue to reshape and support the new breast contour.

Droopiness of the breast is a common legacy of motherhood, nursing and the force of gravity taking their toll, and the effect of pregnancy and a distension of the breasts with milk causes the fibrous bands which support the breasts in their youthful shape to break down and the skin to stretch.

With the subsequent shrinking the unsupported breasts settle into the stretched skin and gravity pulls them down. Putting on weight and then losing it can have the same effect. So too does the ageing process, which is why women dislike the appearance of their droopy breasts.

A breast lift can rejuvenate your figure with a breast profile that is more youthful and uplifted.