Facial Surgery

Facial Surgery

Face describes the beauty. Every individual aims to look beautiful, it is now possible with the advanced cosmetic treatment to enhance the facial features. Facial surgery has now become the most common surgery performed, this includes more women as compared to men.

There are a wide variety of cosmetic surgeries that can be performed on facial like Rhinoplasty, chin surgery, eyebrow reshaping, treating wrinkles etc.


Rhinoplasty commonly known as nose job. It is a cosmetic surgical procedure to reshape the nose to achieve more attractive physical appearance. Rhinoplasty is effective surgical solution for correcting a hump, a dip, or refinement of shape, size of nasal tip.

An individual can choose rhinoplasty for various reasons like, if someone feels the nose size is too big or having unattractive bump, if someone had an accident which injured the nose etc.

For all the various reasons Rhinoplasty works well and gives a new appearance to the nose. Rhinoplasty may also correct structural problems with the nose that cause chronic congestion and breathing problems.

The procedure takes around two hours and is performed under general anesthesia. In most of the nose surgery the incisions are made inside the nose but some surgeons make incisions between the nostrils. There are very few risks involved with the procedure.

The results of rhinoplasty are long lasting. As the body ages there are chances of having some gradual changes. Proper care needs to be taken. The surgeon will give specific instruction to take care of the treated area, which needs to be followed strictly to get good results and help in healing.



Chin implant is a cosmetic procedure done to add shape and fullness to a chin, it also alters the overall shape of the face. Chin implant surgery can be combined with a different facial cosmetic surgery like face lift, nose reshaping etc. in order to achieve a better facial balance and look beautiful.

Having chin implants increases self confidence and self-esteem, it enhances the overall appearance and help correcting irregularities, it also improves neck line.

Chin implant is a very simple procedure; it normally takes around 1 hour for the surgery. The surgery involves making incisions within the mouth, or underneath the chin, through which the implant is inserted to achieve the desired results. Dressing is done to support the implant and helps to heal.

There will be swelling after the surgery which will subside within few weeks. Patient must take off from work for a week or two to recover completely. Chin surgery is completely safe with minimum risks involved like infection, bleeding, allergy, mild pain etc.


Eyebrows & Eybags

Eyebrows gives a new look and shape to the facial looks that makes a huge difference. With the advanced technology, it is possible to shape and enhance the eyebrows. Eyebrow surgery can also be the solution for people who have sparse or no hair growth in the eyebrow region through eyebrow transplantation. An Eyebrow Enhancement involves shaping and restructuring.



Wrinkles are the folds or the creases on the skin. Wrinkles are very common and a natural sign of ageing. Many people don’t like the way they look due to wrinkles as that make them look old and for this they want to reduce or prevent them.

There is different facial cosmetic procedure to remove wrinkles like: Chemical peels, Laser facial resurfacing, Dermal filler injections etc.

This type of treatment helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and make the skin look smooth and more youthful. The patient needs to visit an experienced surgeon for the treatment.

There are different factors that cause wrinkles like over-exposure to the sun, smoking and drinking alcohol.